You can find antique furniture pieces by classic artisans at JD Design and Antiques. JD’s quality craftsmanship and attention to detail with antique furniture restoration shows in every piece on display at his showroom in West Fork, AR and on the website. Browse our website for classically beautiful antique furniture that will instantly become a piece of art in your home.

Find that special antique furniture piece online for any room in your home. Are you looking for an exceptional antique piece such as a carved mahogany Chippendale Grandfather Clock in original condition or a Gothic Oak wine cabinet that brings the classic 18th- and 19th-century antique style into your home? You can find the perfect antique furniture piece at JD Design and Antiques.

John Henry Belter

Furniture making was changed drastically during the mid 1800s by such artisans as John Henry Belter. A German immigrant to America, Belter utilized amazing technological innovations and masterful artistry to create exquisite furniture. John Henry Belter’s artistry became so well known that the specialized carving or the styling of the Rococo Revival was dubbed “Belter” furniture.

Meeks Furniture

Joseph Meeks first worked with his brother and then with his sons starting in 1797 in New York City. They produced a broad variety of cabinets and upholstered furniture. Meeks furniture spread to Savannah, Georgia and later to New Orleans. After Joseph Meeks retired in the 1836, his sons carried on the family furniture business. In the 1840s they started producing Gothic Revival furniture and in the 1850s Rococo Revival furniture. Meeks furniture is also known for making laminated rosewood pieces.

Brooks Furniture

Thomas Brooks was an influential cabinet maker who supplied the New York area during the mid 1800s. He specialized in creating a variety of elegant Victorian Renaissance Revival furniture. Brooks’ made bedroom sets, cabinets, bookcases, and tables. The classic antique Brooks furniture is some of the most sought after American Victorian antique furniture today.

R.J. Horner Furniture

It was in the late 1880s that R.J. Horner started producing his beautifully made furniture. He is known for using some of the best mahogany and quartersawn oak hardwood to create heavily carved masterpieces. Horner furniture includes chairs, sofas, complete parlor sets, hall trees, benches, partner tables and dining sets. Another distinctive element to Horner furniture is that his carvings draw upon a variety of themes and patterns including caryatids, winged gargoyles, northwind faces, cherubs, man-of-the-mountain, and winged griffins.

Mitchell Furniture

Mitchell Furniture was established in Cincinnati, Ohio in the mid 1800s and is known to be one of the premier manufacturers of Victorian-era furniture. Mitchell furniture produced a number of popular styles in the Victorian era including Neoclassical, Rococo Revival, Renaissance Revival, Queen Anne Revival, Egyptian Revival and even those with a Japanese influence. Mitchell furniture is notorious for using top quality mahogany, rosewood, and walnut woods. The carving on these pieces is exquisite and typically includes high relief animals and fruit motifs.

Gryphon Style Furniture, Griffin Style Furniture

You know you have found that special Victorian era piece when the notorious carved Gryphon crest is prominently displayed. You kind find gryphon carved antique furniture at JD’s showroom and on his website. The ‘Winged Griffin’ is the classically known winged lion precisely and eloquently carved and is often found supporting the top shelf of the antique buffets/sideboards. JD has experience at finding and restoring R.J. Horner winged griffin furniture pieces including oak carved griffin cabinets or mahogany winged griffin dining room sets.

Figural Carved Furniture

The quality made furniture of the 18th- and 19th- century is striking. At JD Design and Antiques you will find interesting figural carved pieces to add a special touch to your interior design. Browse and shop JD’s showroom or website where you may discover small figural carved items like beautiful candle sticks or a figural carved mahogany piece that can become an instant wall decor. Discover figural carved furniture gems at JD Design and Antiques.